The Difference Between Prickly Heat and Allergies

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Babies often experience skin problems such as rashes, freckles, bumps that spread. This makes parents wonder if the skin disorder is a prickly heat or an allergy. For this reason, this article will discuss the differences in prickly heat and allergies in babies and along with information about prickly heat and allergies .

A.  Prickly Heat

Prickly heat or by another name miliaria is a disorder that occurs due to blocked sweat gland ducts in the skin. So that sweat will accumulate and cannot come out to the surface of the skin. Prickly heat is often found in tropical areas because it has hot temperatures with high humidity. Prickly heat is more common in babies because 70 percent of the baby’s body contains water, that’s what makes babies sweat faster than adults.

Symptoms in mild prickly heat are characterized by the appearance of bouncy, watery, shiny white spots without itching. Meanwhile, symptoms of more severe prickly heat are marked by the appearance of red, watery, and sore spots accompanied by itching. Prickly heat usually appears in areas that sweat a lot, such as the neck, forehead, back, chest, and skin folds.  

How to deal with prickly heat in babies is by using Baby Powder with Zinc. Because zinc and allantoin which can help prevent and overcome prickly heat and irritation, this product is very safe to use on sensitive baby skin and this product contains Vitamin E which provides nutrition to baby’s skin to stay healthy, so it can be very suitable as a deterrent and prickly heat.

B.  Allergy

Allergies are the immune system’s reaction to something that is considered dangerous even though it is actually not. This allergic disease can also be passed down to children, so for parents who have a history of allergies, it is likely that their baby also has allergies. Allergy triggers only affect the person who has the allergy, the allergens that cause the allergic reaction include insect bites, animal hair, pollen, dust mites, drugs, and certain foods.

Allergy symptoms are characterized by the appearance of red spots or hives like hives accompanied by itching, reddish spots in allergies are usually broader in shape than prickly heat and can appear anywhere on the body. To overcome this, avoid the allergy trigger factors and consult a doctor. 

Yes, more or less, prickly heat in babies also causes anxiety in their parents, therefore this information may be useful. And that’s the information about the differences in prickly heat and allergies in babies and their medications. I hope this article is useful.

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