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Large numbers of individuals have difficulties swallowing medication when it is offered to them in the form of tablets or capsules. Dysphagia is most common in the aged and the young. When we get older the characteristics of the saliva glands change which make it harder to take pills and tablets. Studies have established that around 1/3 of all care home residents have problems with Dysphagia which makes taking care of their health and well being more difficult and time-consuming. Dysphagia can have a significant effect on a patient’s health because it can interfere with medication management if the patient can’t or won’t take medicine in capsule form. Any time pills are taken orally they can sometimes cause a blockage and result in choking. There is also a small risk that pills can become stuck in the throat which can result in the medicine being improperly dispersed around the body and can also damage the throat. specials manufacturers The most frequent way of working with patients with Dysphagia is tablet crushing. However while tablet crushing might appear to be the most obvious answer it could make a medicine taken using this method much less effective which can result in problems for the patient. A lot of tablets have a sugar coating on them to make them taste more enjoyable and even though crushing them won’t have any effect on the efficiency of the tablet it might make them taste very unpleasant. Many of the pills and tablets made these days have an enteric coating that is designed to keep the tablet together in the stomach.

Tablets with an enteric coating must not be crushed because the coating is there either to protect the stomach from the medication or to protect the medication from the effects of the stomach . Fortunately there is an alternative for those who suffer from Dysphagia and also the people that care for them. The importance of liquid medicines when managing patients with Dysphagia is being accepted by the medical community and it has led to calls for a bigger range of liquid medicines to be developed. Oral liquid medicine is made to replace a variety of medicines especially those found in the treatment of endocrine system and cardio-vascular system conditions. Liquid medicines are effortless to swallow for those with Dysphagia and are available in a variety of enjoyable flavors.

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