Genetic and Racial Factors Behind the Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms


The problem with type 1 diabetes symptoms is that they can be triggered by some factors over which the person may have no control at all. Three of these uncontrollable factors are gene, age and race. That is why we need to be familiar with these factors so that we can get ourselves ready for prevention of type 1 diabetes symptoms by taking necessary measures. We may change some of the factors that trigger the development. Obviously an early diagnosis can help one get rid of lot of sufferings. One can cope up with the type 1 diabetes symptoms easily when the symptoms have been identified at an early stage.

Early Treatment

Whether you are having mild type 1 diabetes symptoms or severe ones does not matter if you go to the doctor in time. This way you will suffer less and you might even be able to reverse the symptoms. It should be noted that some particular races are more prone to develop type 1 diabetes symptoms. For example, the Native Americans, Latinos, Pacific Islanders and Afro-Americans are racially more prone to developing type 1 diabetes symptoms. On the contrary the Caucasians are much less prone to having diabetes symptoms. You may just be conscious about your status.

There are some factors over which we do not have any control. It may be your gene or your age that may be the cause of your type 1 diabetes symptoms. You see, you cannot change these factors. However, there are factors that are under our control. For example, you lifestyle may affect the development of type 1 diabetes symptoms. Your diet and body weight are factors that can be controlled by you.


There are some common type 1 diabetes symptoms that can be easily noticed. One of the most common symptoms is frequent urination. You may have blurred vision as well as fatigue. Moreover, it is very common among these people to suffer from unnatural hunger. You will feel abnormally thirsty. Losing sudden weight is another of the type 1 diabetes symptoms. Moreover, you may feel irritable.

There is still another warning other than type 1 diabetes symptoms that tell you of the development of type 1 diabetes. If you find that you are having frequent skin infections, you may take that as a warning that type 1 diabetes has entered your system. Also, frequent yeast infection gives you a warning of development of diabetes.

Blood Sugar Test

When you notice any of the type 1 diabetes symptoms, the top priority is to see your doctor. Your doctor may have some physical examination to determine your situation. However, you may need to undergo blood sugar test that determines the presence of diabetes. It may happen that the symptoms that you thought to be type 1 diabetes symptoms may be the warning for other diseases. Whatever the symptoms tell you visiting the medical professional would help you. You can also identify the type of diabetes by consulting the doctor and you can change your life style accordingly.

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