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Large numbers of individuals have difficulties swallowing medication when it is offered to them in the form of tablets or capsules. Dysphagia is most common in the aged and the young. When we get older the characteristics of the saliva glands change which make it harder to take pills and tablets. Studies have established that around 1/3 of all care home residents have problems with Dysphagia which makes taking care of their health and well being more difficult and time-consuming. Dysphagia can have a significant effect on a patient’s health because it can interfere with medication management if the patient …

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Genetic and Racial Factors Behind the Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms


The problem with type 1 diabetes symptoms is that they can be triggered by some factors over which the person may have no control at all. Three of these uncontrollable factors are gene, age and race. That is why we need to be familiar with these factors so that we can get ourselves ready for prevention of type 1 diabetes symptoms by taking necessary measures. We may change some of the factors that trigger the development. Obviously an early diagnosis can help one get rid of lot of sufferings. One can cope up with the type 1 diabetes symptoms easily when the symptoms …

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